Four Dogs

In this voyeuristic, slice-of-life comedic drama, we spend a week in the world of twenty-two year old Oliver, who lives with his aunt and her four dogs in Encino, CA. Oliver has more imagination than ambition, and spends most of his time hanging out with his former acting class buddy, Dan, who's twice Oliver's age and one rejection away from calling it quits. These two unlikely friends pass the days away cruising around town, eating lunches, and hanging out back by the pool. But when a friend of his aunt's comes to stay at the house for a few nights while in town for business, Oliver's daily routine is shaken up and his sights are redirected towards the new woman living across the hall.

Beautifully shot, with an eye for the natural and real, filmmaker Joe Burke captures a sincere honesty both in tone and character, and brings to the screen a world filled with humor, heart, and those little in between moments we can all relate to in our own way.